“Everything starts with the brain”

We are so much more than our brain and body but to live a life we love everything starts with the brain.

Cultivate your mental wellness

Unleash your potential and live a life you love. Specializing in different services for individuals and families, we provide evidence-based, personalized care for lasting transformation and improved well-being. Start your journey today healing and recovery of:

Anxiety disorders

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity disorder

Affective disorders


Traumatic brain injury

Addictive disorders

Learning disabilities


Headache and migraine

Eating disorders

Obsessive compulsive Disorders

Pain management

Recovery from stroke

Improvement of memory

Early stage dementia

Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disorder with BSI Supervision

Our Services

Discover healing and growth through personalized psychotherapy, guided by experienced and compassionate professionals.


Family, individual and couples

Unlock Your Brain's Potential: Experience the Power of Neurofeedback Therapy Today!

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