Payment options

We offer different payment options for service fees. We can set up private pay through Flatland Center for Brain that includes cash, checks, debit, and credit cards.

For counseling services, we also have partnered with Sondermind where you are able to go online to and sign up to create an account after answering a couple questions. Once that is completed you are able to match with Rhonda Osborne. On Sondermind, you are required to set up with a debit or credit card. There you have the ability to private pay through Sondermind or upload insurance cards to bill your insurance for the sessions.

Insurance information

There is a list of insurance providers on Sondermind that are accepted in both Colorado and Nebraska. Check to see what your insurance covers for counseling services. As a new client with us, you will want to check out Flatland’s service rates compared to Sondermind’s rates to determine which payment option best fits your counseling budget. All other non-psychotherapy services are billed through Flatland Center for Brain.

We are happy to work with any clients on the best payment option for you.
Reach out to us for any questions you might have!

Fees for services




Session as sole treatment


Session as pretrain treatment

Photobiomodulation may include use of the NIRL and IRL helmet, or the VIE-LIGHT DUAL


Neuromodulation through Stim Techniques


Session as sole treatment


Session as pretrain treatment

Brain Training

Neurofeedback Training


In-house session



Session as sole treatment

Included with pretrain stim techniques at no additional charge.

QEEG Brain Map

Quantitative Electroencephalograph Assessment


Includes brief summary of findings and recommendations


Includes full report with graphs, screenshots, findings and recommendations.


Post Training Map includes summary of change including head maps, graphs and screenshots as appropriate.


Mental Health or Addiction Counseling


Individual Session

*Individuals wanting to utilize health insurance for treatment may utilize Flatland Center for Brain services through Sondermind. Flatland is a contract provider for this on-line and in-person treatment platform. Contact Sondermind for session fee and insurance information.


Couple and Family Session

At-Home services fees

Brain Training

Divergence Neuro


Training options require a monthly service fee through Flatland. Along with a one time setup fee to Divergence Neuro of $99, and a monthly equipment rental fee to Divergence Neuro of $79 if equipment is not purchased. These rates are subject to change and should be verified with Divergence Neuro.

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